Beyond the Human Surface represents a research and speculative narrative into the future of Human Augmentation through Genetic Engineering.

This is a project by Bich Tran.

Beyond the Human Surface

We are approaching an era where advances in biotechnology will enable the possibility to alter and design with life itself on a genetic and precise level. With our developing understanding of the Genetic Genome, in combination with new technologies like CRISPR, we will be able to alter any life form, including human beings.

The question is:

How will CRISPR affect the human species? 

Beyond the Human Surface is positioned as an exploration and research of this possible future within the specific context of temporary adaptability and control of the human physiology through coloured light.


In this section, we invited practitioners and specialists from different fields to join the discussion and share their point of view on the topic. 


Human in the Age of Biotechnology

This video investigates the underlying problematic the moment technology becomes biological and the possible consequences that arises from it.

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Body & Skin

What happens if we are able to manipulate, design and transform our body and our skin to our likening? How will we up looking and behaving?

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